CATSAN® Kitten

Natural Instincts for cleanliness

      Coat and Skin

      Kittens like to be assisted in grooming - they love being tenderly combed. Especially long-haired cats are happy for support with a dust comb and brush. In times of increased loss of hair (spring and autumn), proper coat grooming must be done even more diligently, also in kittens.

        Eyes and Ears

        The eyes and ears of your kitten are very sensitive. Inspect ears regularly and carefully remove any dirt with a cotton pad. Best is to use a moist tissue to wipe any ""sleep"" out of the corners of the eyes. If you notice any unusual changes, please visit your veterinarian immediately.

          Teeth and Claws

          Regular teeth brushing is an effective way to remove bacterial plaque. Familiarizing kittens in time with the teeth brushing routine is recommended. A cat scratching post or board where it can scuff its claws will ensure sufficient claw care.

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