Why cleanliness and hygiene are so important for cats

      Kittens are born with a strong instinct for cleanliness. In addition to their instincts, they copy a lot of their mum's behaviour - learning all about keeping clean. This strong sense of cleanliness and hygiene is essential, as cats protect their fur against moisture through intense licking.

      A superior sense of smell

      The cat’s nose is much more sensitive and perceives smells much earlier and more intensely than people, because they have far more olfactory nerve endings (for smelling) than humans

      Cat wellness with beauty factor

      Most cats really enjoy being brushed. You can support the care of your little companion by using a dust comb and brush. Long-haired cats should be brushed every day as this prevents the fur from becoming matted and tangled up, and keeps the cat from ingesting too much hair in the cleaning process.

      Helping the cat lick

      Generally, cats take care of their own grooming, but at times will allow themselves to be helped. Occasionally remove the "sleep" from the corners of the cat's eyes with a moist tissue. The sensitive ears are best cleaned carefully with a cotton pad.

      Fastidious table manners

      Make sure the cat's feeding bowls are meticulously clean. If a cat perceives the bowl is not clean enough, she may refuse to eat. The bowls should also be rinsed regularly with clean water.

      The right place to sleep

      There is actually nothing special to consider when it comes to the sleeping place, as the cat usually finds it on her own. Cats are happy with a small draft-free, quiet and warm place. Just shake out the cushions occasionally and wash them as needed.

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