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Tips & Tricks on caring for your cat

For questions on day-to-day cat care you can rely on the expertise of CATSAN®. No matter whether you have lived with a cat for a longer time or just recently brought a new furry friend into your home.

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      6/1/2012 (16 Review)

      What to do if your cat avoids the litter tray

      In rare cases, young cats may not learn how to use the cat toilet or at a later time in life, suddenly start to neglect the toilet routine...

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      6/1/2012 (16 Review)

      Diseases of the urinary tract

      The most frequent urinary tract diseases in cats are cystitis or problems resulting from urinary gravel or stones (urolithiasis). At the first signs of this disease...

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      4/13/2012 (3 Review)

      Tips for outdoor cats

      Before allowing your cat to go outdoors, the animal should first be familiarized with you and the environment in your home.Another important aspect is a full vaccination...

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