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      Tips for selecting and maintaining the right cat toilet

      Most cats prefer a simple plastic box. However, some feel comfortable only if the toilet has a hood, whereas other cats would not set foot in a hooded litter box. So, you are left to trial and error. But there are still a few things to consider independent of the individual preference. As opposed to older cats where litter boxes with higher side edges are recommended to avoid the litter from falling out of the tray during scratching, the toilet for little kittens should have a low entry point (not higher than 15 cm) so it is convenient for the tiny tiger to get in and out. The ideal cat toilet is big enough for your cat to comfortably turn around inside and scratch. The toilet should be made from a material that is solid and easy to clean properly. The cat toilet should always be filled with enough cat litter. This is the only way to ensure that moisture is quickly captured, odour effectively absorbed and damp places inside the litter box avoided, all which could prevent a cat from using the toilet.Remove solids daily and replace the amount of litter taken out with fresh litter. When using non-clumping litter, just take out solids and clumps daily and top off the cat toilet with just enough fresh litter. After a certain time, the litter should be fully replaced. As for non-clumping litters, the solids also need to be removed every day. After 4 to 5 days, the litter needs to be fully replaced.When the litter is fully replaced, the plastic box needs to be thoroughly cleaned, ideally with plenty of hot water and a neutral detergent without vinegar additives. This is because vinegar additives have nearly the same smell of cat urine and induce the cat to avoid the toilet. You may disinfect the cat toilet if you like, but it is not necessary. Be aware of which disinfectant you use. Do not use anything containing phenol (carbolic acid) as this is highly toxic for cats. Of course, if you use a CATSAN Smartpack, then you will not need to clean the litter tray as it will be protected by the liner.


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