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      Where to place the cat toilet?

      A cat toilet should be located so the cat can access it at any time. Place the cat toilet in a quiet corner or recess where it is protected and out of sight. Cats are clean animals by nature and if there is anything they do not like, it is distracting when using the toilet. The cat toilet should never be placed anywhere near the cat's bed, food bowl and water. The combination of eating, sleeping and using the toilet would disturb and confuse the cat's fine senses. The cat toilet is ideally placed on an easy-to-clean floor or a wipe-proof surface. Any litter that has fallen outside of the toilet as a result of scratching and pawing can easily be cleaned up. It is lso important to know that cats are generally reluctant to share their cat box with other cats. Therefore, it is recommended to set up at least one toilet per cat. If you set up the litter box in a room with floor heating, place an isolating layer, such as a styrofoam board, below the cat toilet. This avoids the litter from becoming too warm which would stimulate bacterial growth and cause unnecessary odour.


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