Getting your cat house trained

      Young kittens often learn how to use a litter tray by watching and copying their mothers. However, if your kitten still has problems, place it in the litter box as soon as it wakes up, after every meal or whenever it looks around as if searching for something. Keep repeating this procedure until your kitten uses the cat litter tray by itself. Cats usually learn fast...

      What if your cat has problems with house training?

      Avoidance of the litter tray can have many reasons. Sometimes changes in the owner's daily routine or changes in the living environment are responsible. A new piece of furniture at a new place, a new family member or moving to a different house might upset the cat so that it responds with protest. Of course the choice of a low-quality litter (odour development), a change of the litter (brand) used or less than impeccable tray maintenance can lead to tray avoidance.

      Not to be neglected are medical reasons. When a cat experiences pain while urinating/defecating, it soon connects this pain with the place it occurs - the tray. As a result it will try to avoid this place. Signs of possible medical conditions may be (amongst others) straining to urinate, repeated unsuccessful efforts to urinate, unusual sounds made by the cat while urinating (loud meowing, crying). White litters enable you to spot changes in the cat's urine, such as blood in the urine as a symptom of kidney/urinary tract diseases.

      Territorial marking may be another reason for becoming unclean especially in intact (not neutered) cats and tomcats. The territorial instinct also plays a vital role in cats becoming unclean when too many cats use the same tray. For getting the cat back on track again you need to find and remove the reason as a first step. Then you need to thoroughly clean the places the cat used outside the box, using a neutral smelling detergent. It often helps to additionally use commercial available "anti-marking-sprays" on those spots.

    1. Tip:

      As CATSAN® Hygiene is white, it will be easier to tell if your cat has blood in her/his urine. Please always consult your vet if you are in any doubt.

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