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      13/04/2012 (29 Review)

      Which litter is best suited for my cat

      You want to know which litter is right for your cat? Unfortunately, this question cannot be answered in a couple of words. There is definitely a suitable litter for your cat that will feel just right and be comfortable for your pet...

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      29/03/2012 (20 Review)

      Tips for selecting and maintaining the right cat toilet

      Most cats prefer a simple plastic box. However, some feel comfortable only if the toilet has a hood, whereas other cats would not set foot in a hooded litter box. So, you are left to trial and error. But there are still a few things to consider independent of the individual preference...

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      29/03/2012 (34 Review)

      How to housetrain your kitten

      A young kitten should be shown right upon arrival in its new home where the cat toilet is located. Best is to set the kitten playfully and without pressure in the litter box when it seems as if it needs to go and then praising the kitten when it "goes" where it is supposed to...

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