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      29/03/2012 (41 Review)

      Where to place the litter tray

      A cat toilet should be located so the cat can access it any time. Place the cat toilet in a quiet corner or recess where it is protected from view. This is because cats are clean animals by nature and do not like an audience when using the toilet...

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      29/03/2012 (4 Review)

      Can cat litter be disposed of in organic waste or compost

      Generally, it is possible to add clumping as well as non-clumping litter to the compost. However, evidence has only been confirmed in large-volume composting plants where organic waste with cat litter is loosened up and aerated...

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      10/03/2012 (166 Review)

      Early practice The first weeks in the life of your cat

      Cats are born with a naturally strong instinct for cleanliness. But still, they first have to learn how to do it from their mother. However, during that first phase in life the mother cat is meticulously watching over the cleanliness of her kittens. Find out from Catsan® how you as cat owner can best support the little kittens in doing this...

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