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      Which litter is best suited for my cat?

      You want to know which litter is right for your cat? Unfortunately, this question cannot be answered in a couple of words. There is definitely a suitable litter for your cat that will feel just right and be comfortable for your pet.First of all, cat litter serves the natural instinct of cats wanting to bury their body waste.Therefore, it is important that the litter is easy on sensitive paws scratching around in it. However, dust should be kept to a minimum because dust is not only unpleasant for animals known for cleanliness, but can also be inhaled or stick to the fur and then ingested during grooming. Odour control is a critical criteria for selecting cat litter apart from granule size and dust development. Remember however, that unpleasant odour does not come from the urine itself, but rather from the ammonia that is released when bacteria decomposes the urine. This ammonia is perceived as pungent and disturbing by humans and even more so by cats with their delicate sense of smell. Therefore, it is most significant that cat litter absorbs and fully locks in the urine as fast as possible before the decomposing process can start and odours develop. Selecting a clumping or non-clumping litter can in the end be a matter of preference. In terms of non-clumping the Catsan Hygiene litter absorbs before odours develop, and with its fresh white granules, it is a popular choice. Moreover, highly convenient cat hygiene is provided by the Catsan® Smart Pack, ensuring a clean and dry cat toilet when filling and replacing cat litter. This pack consists of a fleece mat and a layer of Catsan® Hygiene Plus. The fleece mat actively absorbs moisture like a baby's nappy and safely locks in large amounts while remaining odourless. The Catsan® Smart Pack with fleece mat and hygiene litter is simply spread out in the dry cat toilet. When the time comes for replacement, the mat and litter are rolled up ready for disposal. No mess, no fuss - perfect for you and your cat. Generally, clumping litter such as Catsan® Clumping consists of clay pebbles that soak up any moisture they encounter and forms clumps. The advantage: The litter has to be fully replaced only every once in a while and so is more economical. Most of the time it is sufficient to remove any solids and urine clumps with a scoop from the litter to avoid any odour. Then there is Catsan® Natural Wood, a highly absorbing, non-clumping litter made from natural softwood granules. By the way: As a rule, all high-quality litters are also suitable for kittens. However, in the first few months clumping litter should be avoided as it can be swallowed, with an intestinal obstruction being the worst case result. In the end, the motto for choosing the right litter is to do as you please! Some cats actually have preferences for one or the other type of cat litter. Before your kitten moves in, it is best to ask your source what the kitten is already familiar with and then first offer the same litter. You can also mix in another litter bit by bit and observe how the cat reacts, or you set up two cat toilets, each with a different litter. Very quickly, it becomes clear which the cat prefers. Cats have their own mind especially in terms of cleanliness and will not tolerate compromises.


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