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      How to housetrain your kitten

      A young kitten should be shown as soon as he arrives in his new home where the litter tray is located. It is best to place the kitten in the tray playfully and without pressure when it seems as if it needs to go, and then praise the kitten when it "goes "where it is supposed to.Right after waking up and shortly after feeding, the urge to visit the toilet is strongest. Therefore, place the kitten in the cat toilet right away in the morning, in the evening before going to bed and also 10 minutes after every meal. Praise the little thing when it does everything correctly. If the kitten is looking for a suitable corner to relieve itself between meals, a sure sign is that it starts to sniff, scratch and restlessly turn around in position. Then carefully but quickly pick up the kitten and set it down in its cat toilet. After a few times it will learn where to go when it feels the urge. it is very important not to get angry with your cat when it makes a mistake - and never stick its nose in the urine puddle. If an "accident" happens, thoroughly clean the soiled spots immediately, otherwise the smell could induce your cat to do the same thing again in just that spot. Do not use cleaning agents containing ammonia as the cat might associate the odour with the smell of urine, making the spot even more attractive as a potential toilet. Instead use a plain detergent without vinegar additives.


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