CATSAN® Kitten

New Home For Your Kitten

      A room for your kitten

      Select a room in your home where your kitten may play to its hearts content. Clear away any cables, remove all potentially poisonous plants and secure the fireplace. Keep an eye on all windows and doors in particular, as your kitten should venture outdoors only after having received all vaccinations.

        The right litter from the start

        Veterinarians recommend using a coarse-grained, non-clumping litter for kittens, as this does not stick to the coat so easily and cannot be licked off and ingested by the kitten in their daily grooming routine. Using a conventional clumping litter in the first 12 months is not advisable, because increased ingestion may lead to an intestinal obstruction. We recomend the CATSAN® Smartpack.

          The Cat Box

          As a rule, always set up one more cat boxes than there are kittens in your home. The litter boxes should always be away from the action and located as far away from the feeding and resting place as possible. Avoid open, unprotected spaces with little or no privacy.

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