CATSAN® Kitten

Your role in training

      Early practice...

      Cats are naturally fastidiously clean; they are born with a strong instinct for cleanliness. However, during their first phase in life the mother cat is meticulously watching over the cleanliness of her kittens. After only six weeks the little ones are already cleaning and grooming themselves extensively.

        Haste makes waste…

        Where kittens cannot reach with their tongues, they will use their paws to keep clean. Overall, cats spend more than 3.5 hours every day with grooming. This extensive cleaning procedure stimulates the secretion of the sebaceous glands, which help impregnate the coat and protect it from water.

          House trained on their own?

          Kittens learn by imitating the behavior of their mother - this is also how they learn to use the litter box. However, if your kitten still has problems being house trained, then take it to the litter box every time after feeding. If you repeat this often enough, the desired behavior will eventually begin.

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