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CATSAN™ Smart Pack Litter

  • Super-absorbent litter and liner
  • Efficient and dust-free
  • Easy and hygienic disposal

Product Details

A clean litter tray is just as important to our fussy cats, with their sensitive noses, as it is to cat parents – especially when it comes to emptying time. Eliminating smells and mess, the CATSAN™ Smart Pack litter is the first ready-to-use inlay for litter trays. 

Its unique design is made up of a Superabsorber pad to soak up liquids, 4L of CATSAN™ Hygiene plus litter per roll, and a foil bag with an elastic band that keeps it fixed to the tray. It’s convenient and hygienic to shop for, use and dispose of – no lifting heavy bags, no dust from pouring litter, and no scrubbing the tray! 

Each Smart Pack lasts around one week, and replacing it with a fresh one takes just two minutes – plus because there’s no pouring or emptying of litter, there’s no dust either.

How it works

The surface of the litter tray is protected by the foil bag and a special super-absorbent diaper-like pad that can lock away at least 1.5L of liquid. The elastic edges allow it to be securely fastened over the side walls of the tray.
With the odour-control action of CATSAN™ Hygiene plus litter, made from natural quartz sand and lime, cats and humans will appreciate the fresh, dry tray, and daily removal of solids is easy. In fact, both inlay packs together are as efficient as 30L of common non-clumping litter.


If not used as instructed, the foil and the welds of CATSAN™ Smart Pack™ litter may lose their stability and may burst on removal from the tray.

CATSAN™ Smart Pack™ litter can be used with all standard rectangular cat toilet trays with these dimensions: Length 37-55cm / Width 26-45cm / Height 8-17cm. Depending on the fixture mechanism the use of hooded toilet trays can damage the foil of the inlay pack.

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