CATSAN® Product Advisor

Cats like to keep clean and are often unhappy with a compromise in hygiene. Therefore, it is important to choose the right litter from the start - a task that is not always easy. By answering a few questions, the product adviser helps you to find the most suitable CATSAN® product for you and your cat.


Find the best CATSAN® for your cat

    1. 1.

      How old is your cat or kitten?

      Kitten (< 12 months)
      Adult cat (> 12 months, has been using a litter tray for some time)
    1. 2.

      Where does the cat spend most of its time?

      My cat loves to be outdoors.
      My cat stays indoors most of the time and very rarely (or never) ventures outside.
    1. 3.

      What consistency do you prefer?

      Clumping litter: I would like to remove the urine (firm clumps) and solids every day.
      Absorbing litter: I would like to remove the solids immediately and prefer replacing the entire litter tray in a regular routine (approx. once a week).
    1. 4.

      What is most important to you?

      Excellent odour control over a longer period of time.
      Very high efficiency with less waste.
    1. 5.

      Which color of cat litter do you and your cat prefer?

    1. 6.

      Do you mind heavy bags when you are shopping?

      I do not mind if the bags are heavy.
      I would prefer the bags to be light.
    1. 7.

      How would you like to dispose of cat litter?

      With the regular rubbish
      With the organic waste
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