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newsDid you know the first experiences a kitten has with the litter tray influence their entire life? Very dusty litter or an unpleasant feel to the paws is eqully disturbing as an unsafe location of the tray or an unpleasant smell from the litter. Providing you cat with a hygienic and comfortable environment from the very beginning will support your cat to stay true to their nature of being neat and clean and helps to prevent any trouble with the litter tray later on in life. Thats why we recommend CATSAN® Litter for your kitten.
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  • Cat Hygiene When it comes to hygiene, cats often have high standards: They often feel happiest when everything is comfortable and clean at home. That’s why for over 25 years experts at CATSAN® have ensured our cat hygiene products meet the needs of your cat.
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      What to do if your cat avoids the litter tray

      Avoidance of the litter tray can have many reasons. Sometimes changes in the owner's daily routine or changes in the living environment are responsible. It is important in these situations to remain calm...

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      How to house-train your kitten

      A young kitten should be shown as soon as he arrives in his new home where the litter tray is located. It is best to place the kitten in the tray playfully and without pressure

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      Which litter is best suited for my cat

      You want to know which litter is right for your cat? There are many types to choose from. There is definitely a suitable litter for your cat that will feel just right and be comfortable for your feline friend...

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      Where to place the litter tray

      A litter tray should be located so the cat can access it at any time. Ideally you should place the tray in a quiet corner where it is protected and out of sight. Cats are clean animals by nature...

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