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How to get rid of cat pee smell guide

How to get rid of cat pee smell guide

Sometimes little accidents can happen to even the most well trained cats - such as if they miss their litter tray, their litter tray gets moved or if there’s a sudden change in their routine - or it can sometimes be due to territory marking. It is perfectly possible to remove the smell of cat urine from your home, and this article will look at how to get rid of the smell of cat pee once and for all.

Why does cat pee smell so strong?

Unlike some other animals, cats often have highly concentrated urine, which can often be dark in appearance. Cat urine has a powerful, ammonia scent which can linger on soft furnishings and surfaces around the home. Male cats tend to have stronger smelling urine than females, due to different hormone levels, and some cats may have a medical condition which makes their wee smell a tad more stinky.

Why do cats pee outside their litter box?

Wondering how to get rid of cat pee smell? It might be a one-off aiming issue (it happens to the best of us) or there might be something else going on. Firstly, it’s useful to establish whether you’re dealing with litter tray avoidance or spraying. If you’ve got a new cat or kitten, it might help to reposition their litter box.

You may be wondering ‘why is my cat urinating outside her litter box?’, and whether it’s intentional or accidental cat spray. If an otherwise trained cat has started peeing in unusual places or around the house, it may be a response to stress or anxiety. If they normally use a litter tray successfully, it could be because the tray is too dirty, or too small for your growing kitten. Urinating outside the litter box can also be due to a health problem, such as a urinary tract infection (UTI), kidney disease or even diabetes, so it’s always best to consult your vet.

Cat pee on wooden floorboards

How to get rid of the smell of cat pee

Here’s a quick and easy guide on how to get rid of cat pee smell:

1. Find where the source of the smell of cat urine is coming from

Find the position of the pong by removing other objects from nearby. Time is of the essence when it comes to removing smell of cat urine! Items which may have been splashed by urine may be wiped clean using pet-safe household disinfectant, if the surface is safe to do so.

2. Blot the area to absorb urine

Once you’ve found the offending area, blot the urine with cold water using an absorbent cloth to remove excess moisture. Do not scrub.

3. Neutralise the odour

To get rid of smell of cat pee, you can buy special cat urine cleaners, which contain enzymes to neutralise the smell. If you don’t have any specialist enzymatic cleaners on hand try cleaning the spot with vinegar first, before rinsing and applying diluted dish soap detergent to help remove the smell of cat urine. You can also combine 50% white vinegar (or apple cider vinegar) with 50% water to gently clean the urine stain. Leave the home made solution to soak in for several minutes before wiping thoroughly.

4. If you cat has urinated on soft furnishings

Many experts recommend using bicarbonate of soda for removing the smell of cat urine. Try sprinkling this liberally on the stain and vacuuming up before wiping the surface with a specialist cleaner. This technique can also be used for removing the smell of cat pee from your clothes.

5. Repeat cleaning to remove the smell of cat urine for good

Repeat as many times as you need to get rid of the lingering smell of cat pee. Remember to use cold water each time. It can be challenging to manage the smell of cat urine on wood, or other absorbent surfaces, so this may require several treatments.

6. How to get rid of the smell of cat urine from an old accident

Simply repeat the process in step 3 using the home-made vinegar and water mix. The acidic vinegar will help to neutralise the ammonia in both stale and fresh cat urine.

Products to help get rid of smell of cat pee

Pet shops and veterinary practices usually stock specialist enzyme cleaners to remove the smell of cat urine. It’s a good investment to make, as they are highly effective and are safe to use around your pet. Avoid using bleach-based cleaners or strongly scented detergents. Not only can they stain and damage surfaces and textiles, but some brands are not recommended for use around animals and won’t necessarily remove the smell. Always check the label first before using. Disinfectants containing benzalkonium chloride, formaldehyde, phthalates or ammonia should be avoided as they can be toxic to cats, so it’s best to buy a pet-friendly formula.

Does your cat's litter smell? Find out why and what you can do to manage the litter smell

There are several ways of helping to get rid of the smell of cat pee in the litter tray, to avoid any nasty litter smell. The good news is that all CATSAN™ litters are designed to control odours in the best possible way, thanks to a combination of the right raw materials and some extra little treatments, like the mineral spray in CATSAN™ Hygiene Plus litter. You’ll then not need to worry how to get rid of the smell of cat pee in their tray.

How to prevent accidents from happening again

Once you’ve managed to get rid of the smell of cat pee, there are things you can try to prevent it from recurring. If your vet has checked your cat for any possible health-related conditions which may be causing the issue, you might need to consider litter training your cat again if there’s been a major change at home - such as moving house, having visitors or rearranging your rooms. In the case of avoidance, consider why your cat is not using the litter tray and take simple steps to help encourage them. Make sure their tray is located in an area where your cat feels safe. If you’re worried that your cat is put off by the smell of their litter tray, try CATSAN™’s Hygiene Plus litter. Until your cat is relaxed and comfortable enough to use their tray again, or to go outside to do their business, it’s best not to let them back to the scene of the crime until the area has been thoroughly cleaned and the smell removed (as cats do so love routine).

Cat litter pouring into blue cat litter tray


Does cat urine odour ever go away?

If you’ve cleaned the area thoroughly using an enzymatic cleaner, you can successfully get rid of the smell of cat urine permanently. However, on a very hot day the smell may resurface. Simply repeat the cleaning process, for removing smell of cat urine, until the cat pee smell has gone.

Summary: How to get rid of smell of cat pee in house?

Using a pet-friendly detergent with added enzymes is the best way to get rid of the smell of cat urine from your home. Many cat experts also recommend cold water blotting, and sprinkling the stain with bicarbonate of soda, followed by applying a 50:50 cold water and vinegar mix to remove the smell of cat pee from most surfaces. Fully air out the room with fresh air, and consider masking the smell temporarily with specialist odour removal sprays (just check the label first to make sure it’s safe to use around animals).

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