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      Tips for outdoor cats

      Before allowing your cat to go outdoors, she should first be familiarized with you and the environment in your home. Another important aspect is a full vaccination, so she does not easily contract diseases when in contact with other animals. Make sure your cat is marked for identification before letting it go out on the first exploration tour, either with a microchip or a safety collar, so it can be returned home quickly if it gets lost and is found. Please consult your veterinarian to find out about the different options of identification. Many cat owners refit an outside door with a cat flap so that they can come and go as they please, remaining independent day and night. If you wish to do this, then introduce the cat to the little door by opening it and letting the cat slip through. After doing this a couple of time, cats quickly learn how the cat flap works. By the way: If you want to be sure that only your cat comes in the house and other animals stay outside, get an electronic cat flap with a sensor attached to your cat's collar. The flap then opens and closes only for the cat is wearing this collar. As a rule, outdoor cats should also get accustomed to a litter tray in the house. There are various reasons, e.g. the cat flap does not always work as it should, the cat may get sick, you are on holiday or in case of extreme weather conditions or on bonfire night. These all may affect why the cat does not go outdoors as it would like. Therefore, outdoor cats should also become familiarized early with using a cat toilet indoors.


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