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Cat litter disposal: your at-a-glance guide

Cat litter disposal: your at-a-glance guide

We love our cats but changing their litter box, well, not so much! However, the good news is that all Catsan litters are designed to be high-quality and long-lasting. This makes it easier to keep your cat’s litter box as clean as they expect you to. It’s also worth checking out 4 things you need to know about keeping a cat litter box clean. As for how to dispose of your cat litter, well, we’ve got the answers right here. Do bear in mind these are just our recommendations though. It’s always important to check the guidelines from your local waste management authorities.

Should I put cat litter in the bin?

Yes, with most litters just popping them in your regular household waste is best. This is true if you use Catsan™ Hygiene Plus litter, Catsan™ Smart Pack™, Catsan™ Ultra litter.

Can you flush cat litter?

The only person likely to advise you to flush mineral cat litter would be your plumber! Jokes apart, you should never flush litter, especially the mineral clumping sort. Even with products claiming to be flushable, we wouldn’t recommend you do this as it uses up too much fresh water and places further strain on waste treatment plants who are already struggling to deal with wastewater.

What’s the greenest way to dispose of cat litter?

If you use our biodegradable litter, Catsan™ Natural clumping litter, we recommend that you put it in your communal bio waste where local regulations allow. We don’t recommend putting litter into private compost bins as these normally don’t get hot enough to kill all the possible bacteria and parasites in cat faeces.

I’m pregnant, is it safe for me to change cat litter?

Cat faeces can be dangerous for pregnant women so if possible, you should avoid changing cat litter (explaining to your other half you are busy growing a new human!). If you do need to change your feline friend’s litter box yourself, wear a mask and rubber gloves and wash your hands very thoroughly afterwards.

Choosing the best cat litter

Okay that’s all the key information you need in terms of disposing of litter, but what about if you’re not sure which litter to buy in the first place? Check out A complete guide to choosing the best cat litter for you and your cat

The ultimate guide with everything you need to know about cat litter
Cat litter disposal

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