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      The agony of choice: Which litter for my cat?

      Selecting the ideal litter for your own cat raises a few questions. Why use cat litter at all? How many kinds are there? Which litter is "right"?

      Cats are born with a natural instinct for hygiene. Good cat litter helps them follow this instinct and bury their body waste neatly and tidily. What's important is that the litter can be comfortably moved with their sensitive paws while creating as little dust as possible. Dust is not only unpleasant for such clean animals - it can be ingested or licked, and even inhaled in the grooming process.

      Better safe than sorry:Odour control is a critical criteria for selecting cat litter apart from dust development. Unpleasant odour does not come from the urine itself but rather from the ammonia that is released when bacteria decomposes the urine. High-performance cat litter such as CATSAN fully soaks up any liquid excretions quickly, locking it in reliably so that the typical unpleasant odour has no chance to develop.

      Clumping or non-clumping litter?Selecting a clumping or non-clumping litter is in the end a matter of preference. Generally, clumping litter such as CatsanĀ® Clumping consists of clay pebbles that soak up all moisture and forms clumps. The advantage: the litter has to be fully replaced only occasionally and is therefore more efficient than non-clumping litter. For the rest, it is sufficient to remove any solids and clumps from the litter every day with a scoop and refill the toilet with litter from time to time. When using non-clumping litter, such as CatsanĀ® Hygiene Plus consisting of mineral granules, the moisture is absorbed by the individual granules without forming clumps. The difference between the non-clumping varieties versus the clumping litter: No daily removal of clumps, instead the litter must be fully replaced in shorter frequencies. The basic rule for choosing the "right" litter is: Do as the cat pleases! Our dear companions certainly have their own minds, especially when it comes to cleanliness. They will not tolerate compromises!


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