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      Diseases of the urinary tract

      The most frequent urinary tract diseases in cats are cystitis or problems resulting from urinary gravel or stones (urolithiasis). At the first signs of this disease, a veterinarian must be consulted at once. The most obvious behavior displayed by cats with cystitis is that they frequently visit the cat toilet, but only pass small amounts of urine. Urinating outside the litter box can also be an indication for cystitis as cats tend to lose control over their bladder function to a certain extent. Going to the toilet is also unpleasant and painful with cystitis. Cats tend to press, meow and lick themselves while urinating. In an advanced stage there may be blood in the urine - especially the last drop. You should take your cat to the veterinarian to be examined and treated at the first signs of cystitis.If a cat has urinary stones, the clinical picture is similar at first because this condition often occurs in combination with cystitis. However, urinary stones or gravel also block the flow of urine, which despite the animal's efforts, only trickles out. Here, the veterinarian should also be consulted immediately. By the way, male as well as female cats can be affected by cystitis. The most frequent causes are a chill or common cold. On the other hand, (castrated) tomcats are more prone to suffer from urolithiasis. However, many different factors contribute to the development of urolithiasis. Apart from the gender, the breed and living conditions also have an impact. A frequent occurrence of cystitis can also trigger the onset of urolithiasis. Cats that repeatedly suffer from urinary stones or gravel can be protected against this with special diets from the veterinarian. However, cats fed high-quality complete cat food do not have to be concerned about any negative influence with respect to urinary stones or gravel. When feeding dry food, always remember to provide sufficient water. Also important is good toilet hygiene to keep the influence of bacteria at a minimum.


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